• founded in 2019 •

Révvi focusses on professionals, athletes and individuals who (want to) take care of their bodies. Allowing them achieving their sports goals without injuries and in a pain-free manner.

Révvi strives to connect with as many people who are in need of sportscare through a maximum number of channels to ensure everybody can achieve their personal ambitions.


• founded in 1933 •

Since day one, ISBC Sportis striving for innovation and creativity with a total offer of sportsproducts.
ISBC Sport is thé one-stop sports-shop for the best brands in the field of sports care, materials and team wear from ao. Masita.

ISBC Sport exports today to more than 100 countries in 4 different continents.

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MISSION, in which we firmly believe!

We want to make sports care available and accessible to everyone who moves!
The ever-growing focus on body care - before, during and after sports - also increases the need for good products for both the individual athlete as well as for clubs.

VISION, which we strive for

We want every athlete to have at least one of our care products in his or her sports bag.
Every individual must be able to treat himself / herself correctly with the right products (preventively) at all times and must be easy to apply at home!

VALUES, which we fully support


for bodycare:
our products contribute to an accelerated recovery and maximum care of the body.


for the human body:
each product has its specific composition with attention to the recovery of the body.


for our users:
we offer an exceptional service in advice, response and delivery time, with customer satisfaction being our absolute priority.