what is COLD therapy

When an acute injury occurs (eg, sprain or strain), blood vessels, capillaries and veins will widen and blood flow towards the affected area will increase. This process causes swelling and pain. The main goal of cold treatments for an acute injury is to constrict these dilated blood vessels and reduce blood transport (vasoconstriction).
With a cold treatment in the first 72 hours after injury the pain will decrease significantly and the swelling will subside faster.

benefits of

COLD therapy

when to apply COLD therapy

The use of cold is most suitable in acute conditions (meaning that the injury has recently taken place); such as:
• Sprains: injury caused by overstretching ligaments
• Bruises: occurs when a blood vessel tears under the skinsurface
• Overloads: caused by repetitive (too) heavy movements
Growing pains: pains in joints, muscles and tendons that arises as a result of pressure due to the difference in growth speed of the different muscle and joint groups.

when NOT to apply COLD therapy

Do not apply cold therapy for the treatment of chronic conditions (for which heat treatments are more appropriate) and never apply cold to open wounds.
Also, never use cold before exercise as it can increase the risk of muscle and / or tendon strains.

the effects of our

ice COLD gel

main ingrediënts

Our ice COLD gels consists mainly of natural ingredients, each with their own specific characteristics. The collaboration of these ingredients results in a very effective product that provides a long-lasting cooling effect.


popularly as camphor

This herb awakens ao. a slight form of local numbness of the nerve pathways, causing pain, swelling and inflammation to be experienced as less of a strain.

evidence based

Mentha Arvensis

popularly as mint

L-menthol occurs naturally in mint leaves and is considered as one of the most effective natural coolants.

evidence based

Ricinus Communis

popularly as castor oil

The castor oil extract is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and contribution to relieving both joint pain and local (muscle) inflammation.

evidence based


The Révvi ice COLD gels are free of chemicals and have a unique composition of natural ingredients. The "vasoconstrictor" properties have the main purpose of maximally and optimally repairing or protecting the affected area on the body.

The use of the ice COLD gel is strongly recommended in the treatment of low to medium painful areas caused by inflammation, strains, fatigue and acute injuries where immediate cooling is required.

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