We value the execution of (sports-)care in a sustainable and responsible way.
Knowing when and how to apply the correct products determines the effectiveness of the recovery process.
Our products have medical proven (evidence based) effects.

Warmth therapy

Warmth within blood vessels is caused by an increased activity of energy which activates blood vessels to dilate (vasodilation). As there is more ...

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Recovery principles

In parallel with the ever-growing recreational sports and fitness activities, a correct way of recovery is getting more and more attention and the ...

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Cold therapy

When an acute injury occurs (eg, sprain or strain), blood vessels, capillaries and veins will widen and blood flow towards the affected area will ...

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Kinesiology taping

I essence, kinesiotaping can be seen as a way of constant massage! It supports the micro-circulation (transport of nutrients through capillaries), stimul...

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No athlete wants to get injured! The smallest injury affects the performance, delays training schedules and consequently leads to missing a game or ...

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