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In parallel with the ever-growing recreational sports and fitness activities, a correct way of recovery is getting more and more attention and the more active athletes are recognizing the benefits. In recent years, more than ever, people have taken up sports and exercise, millions of athletes have started their favorite activities in competition or simply as a hobby.

However, many of these active people are still insufficiently aware of the importance of recovery in sports; called “Recovery principle".

the principles of


how does RECOVERY work

During (intensive) training sessions, the body is exposed to a form of stress.
The body will adapt to this stress during exercising. However, the body must also get enough rest to process this adjustment so that it can handle the load level (better) during the next training.
Someone who does a lot of short sprints during ie. ball sports (football, basket, tennis,…) miniscule hairline cracks will occur in the muscle tissue. The body will not only repair this “damage”, on top it will add extra tissue so it can better withstand the stress that's created in the following sports session.
If not at all or a too short period of rest is taken to repair this "muscle damage" and to bie time for the body to adjust to the intensity, it can NOT keep up with the damage repair and eventually an injury occurs, often in the form of strains or muscle tears.

the effects of our

fast RECOVERY gel

main ingrediënts

The fast RECOVERY gel mainly consists of natural ingredients, each with their own specific characteristics.
The collaboration of these ingredients results in a very effective product that provides a long-lasting and restorative effect.

Salvia Rosmarinus

popularly as rosemary

Revitalizes and stimulates blood circulation, has bactericidal properties which makes the bloodstream free from toxins and free-radicals.

evidence based


popularly as horse chestnut

Increases blood flow in veins, improves circulation of oxygen and nutrients, and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

evidence based

Arnica Montana

popularly as arnica

Provides rapid healing to muscle injuries (hairline cracks), bruises and offers protection against cramps. In addition, arnica will stimulate blood flow to combat inflammation.

evidence based


The fast RECOVERY gels of Révvi are free of chemicals and have a unique composition of natural ingredients. The main purpose of the muscle-regenerating and soothing properties are to maximally and optimally repair and protect the affected area.

The use of the fast RECOVERY gel is strongly recommended to recover muscles and tendons AFTER exercising and to shorten recovery periods between activities.

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