fresh FEET Muscle gel - 250ml.

fresh FEET Muscle gel - 250ml.

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Your feet deserve a little TLC and rest every day. This fresh gel with chamomile, eucalyptus and sage revives tired, hardworking feet to keep you going strong all day long.


  • For daily foot care or as a gel for use as part or after a pedicure or footbath
  • Revives your feet after physical activity (e.g. running, walking, outdoor and indoor sports, etc.)
  • Provides the perfect relief for aching feet for people who are on their feet all day (e.g. hospitality workers, nurses, logistics workers, etc.)
  • Chamomile soothes, heals and restores your skin
  • Eucalyptus disinfects and strengthens skin cells
  • Sage helps remove excess fluid from the body and accelerates healing of wounds, other minor injuries and calluses
When and how?
  • Apply BEFORE, DURING or AFTER physical activity or work
  • For daily use
  • Briefly massage a two to three-finger-thick layer of gel into the affected area and allow to take effect
  • Wash hands after use
  • External use only
  • Avoid contact with eyes

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